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     "I found Dr. Gearinger through the ART website.  I was experiencing severe shoulder pain and my kettlebell trainer Mike Mahler suggested I find an ART provider.  I could barely lift my arm when I arrived at Dr. Gearinger's office.  After an evaluation and then one ART treatment, my shoulder felt much better and the range of motion was dramatically restored.  After just three treatments I regained about 95% of my strength and mobility and was pain-free!  Thanks Dr. Gearinger!  You rock!"

                                                          Billy Penn (check out his article



     "Chiropractic and Active Release have been a huge part of my life for the past few years.  I have seen many Sports Physicians, Chiropractors, Sports Trainers, and none of them have been able to do combined what Dr. Gearinger single-handedly has done for my well being.    
     Improved range of motion in my shoulders, relief of back spasms, and preventative maintance have allowed me to be in the best shape of my life, and with the elimination of all the inflammation I am pain-free when I wake up in the morning.  A good doctor is hard to come by these days, and I feel very lucky to have crossed paths with Dr. Gearinger.  I have referred numerous of my customers to him, only to hear similar stories to my own.  I even referred my parents, aunts, and cousins.  Family is number 1 and number 2 is feeling great everyday.  That is why I've stuck with Dr. Gearinger since our first meeting."
                                                   Mike U.



     "Dr. Mike Gearinger is an incredible doctor.  Everyone that I know is used to having treatments of less than 15 minutes with their chiropractor, as were my previous experiences.  At Active Chiropractic, I am usually there 30–45 minutes every visit after electrical stimulation therapy and then getting treated.  He is skilled in the practice of ART which has made all the difference for me.  I was riddled with pain in my right arm, neck and shoulder and had no range of motion.  I am now becoming pain-free and am enjoying extraordinary range of motion.  I am so grateful I found him!"                      

                                                   Connie J.